Urban renewal of Largo Torre Acquedotto

Latina, Italy
Client Latina Council, Department of Public Works as regards urban quality and public greenery
Work carried out by Apsu Impianti srl

The process of urban renewal of the Largo Torre Acquedotto in an area bordering the town centre is to transform the street into an integral part of the area whilst conserving its use by cars. The axial planning due to the strong presence of the acqueduct tower suggested the introduction of a long pedestrian space at the centre of the area for cars by narrowing the lateral pavement.
The pedestrian area with bollards made of ballast opens around the tower into a lager space in front of the school. It measures approximately 600 square metres and is decorated with four examples of Celtis australis in the first area and the second consists of a small square facing the school. The entire space is illuminated by eight street lamps positioned on the pavements on both sides of the square.