foto about me 2018

Thanks to some public professional assignment, I worked on several redevelopment of old town centre, public spaces and landscaping, designing squares, fountains, parks and natural areas, for several administrations in Basilicata, Puglia, Lazio and Rome. In addition to numerous international competitions, some won and others reported, which allowed me to develop the compositional research in architecture, I also designed residential projects and significant architectural restoration. At the same time I undertaken an original research on numerous refurbishments of interiors and on furnishing design, intervening change in the usual geometry for the space looking for a movement that is contained human dwellers. In the same years I resumed the study of the city with a Ph.D. in Urban design, which allowed me to conduct research about urban form that is teaching, the students follow the district on the project. Instrumental in my training, meeting the original search of “The Courage of Images”, collected in a catalog and an exhibition presented in many countries under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
In 2005 with a colleague we have presented our work in an exhibition to tell the path of the women who wanted to walk in the difficult journey of contemporary architecture, avoiding the current membership of the formal conventions. The design decisions behind each work expresses the awareness that change the living space means acting in ways of life risking a personal thought. Recently whit other collegues I won a competition of the Lazio POR-FESR, realizing the new hostel for the Park of Veio, Rome, whit the arrangement of the path network and springs rural. The building on the edge of the natural environment is designed according to the seismic and echo-sustainable criteria and energy the functions hosted are articuladed in a dynamic and organic form closely related to the choice of construction, septa-bearing masonry and wood roofs, in unlike orientation and at different heights of the sloping roofs. In additions to new redevelopment of public space and landscape in Lazio, I'm working on the restoration of historical buildings in Puglia, both Gargano than in Salento, relating to the Mediterranean quality of architecture intervening in traditional building techniques with innovative solutions. Currently I take part in a project of the CNR and University of Calabria, with an international research about the innovative use of the wood in architecture and landscaping and I am delegated to the Foreign Commission of the professional Association of Architects of Rome, dealing in particular of cultural and professional exchanges with China.