Renaturalisation of the banks of water courses

Celle S.Vito, Panni, Accadia (FG), Italy
Client Mountain Community of Monti Dauni Meridionali (FG)
Financed by POR Pugliese Region 2000-06

The work of managing the hydraulic/forestal system concerns the hilly part of the basins of the torrents of the 'Buffaviento' and 'Fontanelle' in the Commune of Celle San Vito, of the torrents of 'Frugno' in the Commune of Accadia and that of the valley of the Commune of Panni. The geomorphologic nature of the area is made up of clay silitose and marl which has favoured the onset of the friable process, prevalently in the mountainous part where ovines and bovines graze. The operation involves work of a constructional and biological character on tracts of a limited length chosen from every basin. Bridles have been constructed with calcareous blocks with an average length of 10 ml fitted with 'gaveta'. Beyond the consolidation of the bottom of the riverbed, the protection of the banks affected by erosion has been realised using blocks from quarries and calcareous stones transported to the foot of the site avoiding the use of those lying on the bottom of the riverbed which form the micro-habitat. It has been envisaged to put in place along the foot of the banks bridles of calcareous heaps and privets of willow, cesta willow and red willow. To secure the defence of the banks species of shrubs of hawthorn, cornel, wild plum, spindle trees and 'ligustro' have been used.