Reorganisation of the remaining urban space

Latina, Italy
Client Latina Council as regards urban quality


The project for the renewal of the urban spaces left after building development was conceived out of the necessity to make viable the remaining small spaces and to link them to the squares and civic parks to constitute a them of public spaces. The project aims to use greenery as a constituent material in areas of varying size and character: Largo Pancini, Piazza Buozzi and Largo Torre Acquedotto in the city centre and to use flowerbeds on the traffic islands in Via Quarto and Via Don Torello and on the roundabouts in Via Isonzo and Via del Lido.
Largo Pancini is a pedestrian passage way between the buildings in the urban centre. The difficulty of using high masts suggested inserting elements of decoration in the form of leaves which line the passage way and to play with the contrast of light and shade. The space is completed by the design of the paving, an example of Palma, a wall mosaic and a long stone bench at the only point of repose.