International competition to design ‘Park Seats’

Turin, Italy
Team architects: Anna Guerzoni, Giacomo Mutti


The project presented responds to the needs of the city of Turin to realise a seat which would give an image to the civic park as an object of historic value in the synthesis of its lines but in absolutely contemporary form. The idea was conceived as an evolution of the seats for relaxation of the 18 and 1900s. The choice necessitates a certain enlarging of the object, compensated for by the lightness of the materials used and by its essential lines. The need expressed in the competition for ecologically compatible materials has resulted in the use of recyclable plastic for the seat while the back is in semi-finished aluminium. The techniques used have been determined by the criteria of low cost and simplicity of mass production: the seat and the backrest have been created by bending a sheet of polyethylene 4 mm thick in yellow and blue (the colours of the city of Turin). The ergonomics of a seat designed for relaxation require a depth of 45 cm, a length of 50 cm and the height of the backrest to be 85 cm. The proposed seat, thanks to the lightness of the materials used and the ease of stacking, correspond to the characteristics imposed by the competition.