Renewal of the Communal Villa of Anzano

Anzano (FG), Italy
Client: the Administrative Council
Work carried out by Impresa Botticella
Surface: 2.500 sq mtrs

This project was born out of the need to restore to the Communal Villa its pedestrian quality and rapport with the small urban centre by rethinking the existing space, both natural and already developed. The pathways which give a double access have been redesigned so that they pass through the shade on different levels. In the clearing at the centre of the park there is an oval paved area while another, in triangular form, extends to the street. Close to a rise in the ground level there are the steps for an open-air theatre. White stone of Apricena, of uncertain origin, has been used for the pavements and the steps.
The strong contrast between the area in shade and the intense light which penetrates the periphary of the hilly slope of the park, situated on an artificial plateau, traces the natural line of the horizon. This suggested the idea of realising another structure by means of monolithic slabs made of the arenitic limestone of the area. This image recalls the very old traces of human presence which have enhanced nature by delineating an enclosure. The small park is, therefore, ideally suited, inside the urban walls built on its borders facing the valley, to have an enclosure of monoliths in local stone.
The dense woodland has been thinned to allow the light, which is necessary for the enjoyment of the park to penetrate, and to integrate it with an undergrowth of shrubs from the Appenines. The care of the pedestrian and botanic elements have enriched the presence of the trees already there: Atlantic Cedar, Western Plane trees and Linden with the flowering common privet hedges, Knee Holly, Boxwood, 'Sotano', Cornel, Laburnum, Broom, Crab Grass, Blackthorn, Wild Blackthorn, 'Cotonastro', Roses, Rhododendrums, Laurel, European Eponym, 'Maggiociodolo', Nando and Holly.