Refurbishing of a attic in Nettuno

Private client
Work carried by Marco Turrini

This large apartment takes up the entire top floor of Villa Donati in Nettuno. It is a 19th century building enclosed within its own garden which shelters it from the surrounding buildings. The space, which has previously been restructured, lies along an asymmetric passage where the design of the new flooring echoes the axial character of the herringbone wall in the centre of the house. Parallel inlays of black slate of increasing dimensions run between the oak staves and from the passage you enter the large kitchen which opens onto the passage. In the sleeping quarters and the living room two large 'Vs' in green mosaic marble are inserted into the wooden flooring. In the living room the two arms of the V end at the window and emphasise the presence of the fireplace covered in vertical fillets of green slate. Slabs of Persian red travertine cover the walls of the kitchen.