Refurbishing and furniture design in Portonaccio quarter

Private client
Woodworker Buratti e Boccabella

This small apartment has been completely redesigned to create a spacious living area and a bedroom, which didn't exist before, which opens onto the terrace. The kitchen area opens onto the living room and is defined by a red 'sail' in brickwork which separates it from the entrance hall. The slight curvature of one wall crosses the space and defines the small bedroom and the en-suite bathroom which gets its light from a large V-shaped incision in the brickwork. Great attention has been paid to the choice of detail, of the material s and the colours used.
The curve of the red 'sail' and the cherry wood bookshelves situated at the end of the entrance hall give movement which welcomes you as you enter and forms an element of separation from the outside for those who live in the house and a movement of rising tense lines like a body with its arms thrown back in a dance step. The flooring of the house is in strips of beech.