Refurbishing and furniture design in Tiburtino II quarter

Private client
Woodworker Buratti e Boccabella

This small attic is built around a semicircular entrance hall which opens on to the bathroom and sleeping quarters. To the East is the living room and dining room which lead to the terrace. To the West the furnishings, the colours and the materials used define the work undertaken. The curvature in pear emphasises the passage to the bedroom. The black granite floor of the kitchen contrasts with the yellow walls. The blue quartz of the bathroom floor contrasts with the acquamarine of the walls. The dark red floor picks up the cherry parquet used in the other rooms. 

The area designed as an eating area forms a continuation of the terrace. It has a higher ceiling than the rest of the house and faces the outside through a glass screen which can be fully opened while the two arches open onto the living room and the hall. The design of small triangles in polychrome enamel in the terracotta floor follows the line of the arches to the external space. The terrace is completed by the individual design of the railings.