"Nudo rosso" divan

Salone del Mobile di Milano
Prototype by Inventa, Pesaro-Italy

Prototype realised by 'Inventa' (Pesaro)
The design was conceived on the occasion of an invitation to take part in the Salone del Mobile (Furnishing Salon) in Milan in 1992 for artefacts created by innovative Italian companies. The project develops the idea of creating, in a single structure, the movement of an arch with a back support resting on the floor. The surface of the form, like an 'hysterical arch', supports the elliptical seat. The arch and the ellipse have been realised in steel with an expanded polyurethane finish and covered with a removable red cloth. The prototype has not yet been put into production.


Casaviva n.221 1992 - "Saranno di Casa"
Art n.6 1992 - "Hersteller setzen auf Emotion und Experiment"
L'arch d'aujord'hui n.281 1992 - "Milan 92"
Catalogo Mostra "Nuovo bel design" 1992, a cura di Anna Gili - "200 nuovi oggetti per la casa"