Conservative restoration of the Clock Tower of Accadia, (FG)

Accadia (FG), Italy
Client: Accadia Council
Financed by the Fond. Cassa di Risparmio di Puglia
Work carried out by GIOMA, Bari

The conservation of the Clock Tower restores this structure of particular merit which is situated on the public space of the homonymous square with access to the old town and the background prospect of the main street. The original structure, put up in 1883 and damaged in the earthquake of 1930, is topped by a tympanium which holds the two bronze bells. In 1954 the façade was restored in accordance with the present configuration. The work involved using cladding in local stone, restoring the bronze bells, the ironwork , the crowning unit and the slabs in marble with particular care given to those depicting the Aragonese siege of the city.