Boechout - International competition for the library

Boechout (Antwerp) - Belgium
International competition
Project team: Francoise Bliek, Corrado Landi, Francesco Mirone

Presented at the competition for the library of Boechout, the project was marked out by the quality & the singularity of its formal language which brought together the functional characteristics requested and a notable plastic strength. The project resolves, by placing it in the City Square, the rapport between the axis of the building and the existing urban buildings and with their historical presence. The dynamism of the space is what gave it its visual opening towards the nearby buildings and its function as a library, with space for exhibitions, receptions, meetings etc. The expressive force of the space becomes the qualifying momentum defining it as a collective urban space.

The main façade of the library, facing the cathedral, is enhanced by a large glazed arch over the entrance. The opposite façade is enlivened instead by opening of different geometry which spell out the name of Boechout. The form of the building maintains an interior height of 12 metres to blend in with the historic centre. The curvilinear space, covered in red bricks, as is required by local tradition, has produced a building of just one floor with polyvalent rooms covered in natural stone. The internal arrangement is organised around a central block which unites the lending area, the offices and the vertical connecting points.



L'Arca n.128 1998 - "Armonie di forme"