Siena - National Competition for the development of the railway station area

Siena, Italy
National Competition
Project: Massimo Fagioli
Project team: Alessandro Cotti, Paola del Gallo, Francesco Mirone, Adriana Tripoli, GIovanni Velli

The theme of the competition regarding the area around the Siena railway station offers the opportunity to rethink an entrance to the city. The project presented proposes an elevated moving walkway supported by five towers in elliptic form to connect the centre of the city with the new expansions to the North. A rectilingular building creates a tertiary sector in rapport with the station square. The essential form of the parallelepiped 216 metres long has a façade in green Prato marble without openings. The natural illumination of the building is assured by glass cylinders. The presence of the towers encourages high-level walking and recalls the image of the city before its destruction by Carlo V who deprived it of its characteristic towers. The design of the park, an integral part of the composition, provides a link to an area earmarked for woodland and new buildings.



Catalogo "Il coraggio delle immagini" 1994 - "La città perdonata"

Catalogo ''Siena, dalla Stazione alla Città'' 1996