Bari - National competition for the headquartes of architects & engineers

Bari, Italy
National Competition
Project: Massimo Fagioli
Project team: Piero De Simoni, Francesco Mirone

The idea of the project was that of developing an architectural organism on the diagonal, taking up all the space of the lot to contrast the static nature of the surrounding buildings. The project involved three principal elements: the central building to house the offices, the tower destined to be the library and the cone where the conference room will be situated. A transverse gallery connects the three elements, this communication being reinforced by a walkway which links the cone with the tower. The tower takes up its position with its three sides of white stone at the borders of the lot while a wall completely in glass faces the central building.
In the central building the opposing entrances correspond to the two wings, respectively for the use of the Order of Architects and the Order of Engineers. In the interior, a glass wall is the element of separation, of distinction and of dialectic necessity between the architects and the engineers. The design of the façade, in red, is conceived as a free interpretation of the shadow of the cone and the tower on the building itself. In the park, the long spiral fountain lies on the diagonal so as to take up all the space. A basin in the form of a shell collects the water and then directs it into two rivulets which flow into the mirror of water which surrounds the tower.



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