Restoration and external arrangement of the trullo and lamia in Ostuni

Ostuni, Puglia
Private client
Project team: Daniela Gualdi, with Ciro Vendrame and Francesca Porfiri

The restoration concerns the trullo and the lamia in Contrada Deserto in Ostuni, located in an olive grove and orchard of about half a hectare. The whole is defined by the curved sign of a long dry wall that embraces the existing artifacts of the well, the oven and the fold. The paving of the external aisle is in Trani stone with ceramic inserts, while the driveway is gravel. The exterior is completed by a circular volume that binds to the architecture and a relaxation area built in the former sheepfold and on the jump to the countryside where the whirlpool is located.

The original structure has remained unchanged. The sleeping areas have been created in the alcove of the trullo and in the lamia, while the bathrooms are built around the niches of the trullo and in the cistern of the lamia wine. The kitchen instead of the large fireplace of the trullo and the passage to the cistern in the lamia. The water cistern was also recovered, placed at the lower level of the trullo as a sauna area. Two new skylights bring more light into the interior.